AGM is ON!

Hello owners/residents The Wangsa Heights Condo AGM is scheduled for 28th February 2009, at 10:30am in the squash courts. Please ensure all your dues are paid-up so that you are eligible to vote and participate in this meeting. A new council MUST BE ELECTED this Saturday!.

See you all then.


Long overdue update…

Greetings to all owners/tenants,

Firstly, apologies for the astonishingly long gap between updates. Too many things to do and not enough time i guess. Anyway may 2009 bring us all good fortune and good times.

A few significant events took place in the 2nd half of 2008, namely the following:

1. Another landslide took place at the parking area, resulting in almost the entire slope-facing lot being cordoned off. MPAJ didnt bother to do anything due to lack of funds. More on this later.

2. Mr Edmund DeCruz has been acting Property Manager at WH since September 2008. We finalised his appointment and he is the Property Manager on a full-time basis since Nov 1st 2008. He is contactable at 0126572486 or at the new PPWH email address at

3. The disaster at Taman Bukit Mewah. I wont comment on that sad event but i will say that MPAJ came scurrying back to WH to re-check the slopes and place more plastic sheets. We should see some remedial work by Syabas/MPAJ/Ikram on these slopes this year.

The management corporation with Edmund on board has started moving forward with overdue maintenance collection and parking discipline.  2 units of wheel clamps have been purchased to this effect. Be forewarned as the clamps are on “display” in front of the guard house. Also, we have invested in a brand new billing and accounting system. You should not be receiving anymore written receipts with any payment to the management office.

With regards to the commitee itself, there will be an AGM coming very soon and a new committee must be elected.

Thank you


General Manager wanted!

PPWH is considering to hire a full-time General Manager to run the day2day operations of Wangsa Heights condo. Based on feedback from other condo projects, the best person would be a RESIDENT OWNER in the current project. We would like to invite applications from within Wangsa Heights condo for this position. Details below:


  • Operation & administration of the management office including credit control billings & collections, public relations and customer services, security and building maintenance matters and preparing reports for the Joint Management Body and the Management Corporation
  • To ensure the Occupants comply with the House Rules, Sales and Purchase Agreement and Deed of Mutual Covenants
  • To ensure all complaints and defects rectification works are promptly attended.
  • To prepare & manage operations and capital expenditures budget
  • Competent in drawing up appropriate & implementing operation policies & setting up of Standard Operating Procedures to manage operational & administration issues of a condominium management environment
  • Strong sense of responsibility, initiative and dedication
  • Must be able to demonstrate commitment, good analytical skills, responsive to customer problems and action oriented.

So if you are retired, staying in your own unit at Wangsa Heights and are willing to use your management/administrative skills to run this condo complex, please enquire at the office or call our Facilities advisor.

thank you,


Writing Cheques for Payments

Please take note that ALL cheques for payments of any kind to the MC must be made out to “PERBADANAN PENGURUSAN WANGSA HEIGHT”. Do not alter the spelling in any way as the cheque will get rejected by the bank. Also, leave the reverse of the cheque BLANK (if you dont know the account number of PPWH). Do NOT write your account number or name down in the columns provided for cheque recepient details. If you wish to write your name and contact number, pls do so somewhere at the bottom of the reverse side. This will expedite cheque clearance from our end.  Thank you.

Rockfall at condo parking area + remedial works to be performed

First of all…let us apologies for the long delay in updates to this website. Long and tedious coupla months it has been. As all of you residents are aware, there was a rockfall in our parking area on the 23rd of April 2008 around 2:00am. Several cars were damaged, including one Suzuki Swift completely destroyed. We are sorry for the misfortune that impacted the car owners.

One thing that was a real surprise was the quick and firm action by our newly-elected representatives Pn Zuraida (MP for Ampang) and En Azmin (MP for Gombak). MPAJ and the Police were also quick to respond once they were notified. After some survey action, IKRAM will be performing remedial/preventative works on the affected hillsides in the next couple of weeks. Notices to this effect have been placed on ALL notice boards. Do take note and avoid parking your vehicles where it will obstruct works being performed during this time.

Paying your condo water bills

We seek every residents help in paying their water bill every month upon receipt of the invoice. This will help the management council with the finances required to pay the overall water bill, which is due every month. We dont have enough cash to pay the monthly bill unless everyone pays up on a monthly basis. Lets all contribute to the success of Wangsa Heights Condo!

Fire Prevention/Safety inspection by Jabatan Bomba

Dear Residents/Owners,

Please be informed that Jabatan Bomba will perform a Fire Prevention/Safety inspection at Wangsa Heights Condo complex in the very near future. 

The Management Council seeks your assistance and understanding to remove all items that are not supposed to be placed in the common areas (eg. furniture/ bicycles/ cabinets/ racks/ tables/ chairs etc) immediately. 

If you need assistance from the maintenance crew for this, please do not hesitate to enquire at the management offices. 

Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation and understanding on this matter. 

If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Mdm Moey Lean Mee at: 019-610 9946