PPWH Management Council members….

Dear residents/owners

Please be aware that ALL members of the Management Council are VOLUNTEERS. So it would be most appreciated if when you communicate with them, that fact is not forgotten. The council members have sacrificed a great deal in managing the condo and it is borne out of a sense of collective ownership in matters relating to the condo. We always welcome additional volunteers to the cause!



Pics from the CNY pot-luck residents gathering !

Are you having a function/party/gathering at home?

If you plan to have a function/party/gathering at your unit and you expect to have visitors, please do inform the MC accordingly by dropping by at the MC’s office or by dropping an email to wangsaheights@gmail.com. This is so that the security personnel can be duly informed and help prevent unnecessary hindrance to your visitors entering the complex.

Thank you!

CNY Greetings

We from the MC would like to wish all residents at Wangsa Heights condo a Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Meet your neighbours
Make new friends
Have some fun with other families and friends
Bring something to eat
Bring something to share




TIME: 7:00PM


Wangsa Heights Condominium








email: wangsaheights@gmail.com


Dear Sir / Madam / Ms,

As you may be aware, the First Annual General Meeting (the “1st AGM”) of our Wangsa Heights Management Corporation (the “MC”) was held on 1st December 2007; and the Council Members have been duly elected to the “first” Council of the MC for the year 2008. In accordance with the Strata Titles Act 1985, the MC was already duly established as early as 04th SEPTEMBER 2002 but all this time from 04th September 2002 until the 1st AGM, the Developer, Superview Development Sdn Bhd has been carrying out the duties, powers, function and role of the MC FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE MC; including billing & collection of the contributions payable by the Proprietors (Owners) towards our Management Fund and the utilities charges In this regards, all outstanding & unpaid contributions to the Management Fund & utilities charges (as of 04th September 2002, the MC Establishment Date) remains DUE AND PAYABLE TO THE MC (AND NOT THE DEVELOPER, who was only acting as agent for and on behalf of the MC at that relevant time). The MC has now opened the MC’s own bank account with CIMB Bank (Ampang Point Branch); bearing Account No.: 12410000097102. Henceforth, all payments and cheques, including for contributions to the Management Fund & utilities (for both past and future payments) are from now on to be PAID DIRECTLY TO: “PERBADANAN PENGURUSAN WANGSA HEIGHT”, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. Based on records provided by the Developer, there is a sum of APPROXIMATELY RM 1.3 MILLION DUE AND OWING by Proprietors / Owners to the MC, since 04th September 2002. During the Council Meeting held on 03rd January 2008, it was resolved to allow a GRACE PERIOD UNTIL 28th FEBRUARY 2008 for payment of these outstanding monies due & owing to the MC, after which the MC will have NO CHOICE BUT TO HAND OVER THE MATTERS TO OUR LAWYERS for recovery and you shall also be liable to pay for INTEREST AT 8% PER ANNUM FROM THE DATE THE DEBT(S) BECAME DUE UNTIL FULL PAYMENT AND/OR LEGAL COST ON A SOLICITORS-CLIENT BASIS.  We sincerely hope those Proprietors / Owners concerned will make the relevant payment(s); soonest possible. And that legal action(s) will not be necessary. 

Thank you.

Pls refer to this notice from the committee which has been pasted on all boards, lifts etc.

New Ideas?

Hello friends and neighbours. As you are all aware there is now a Management Council tasked with the well-being, both of the physical structure and maintenance of Wangsa Heights Condo as well as the social aspect of residing in a communal facility.

So far the MC has organised a New Year Pot Luck get-together at the poolside which although sparsely attended was enjoyed by all.  There was good food and most of all good company. We hope that more and more residents will attend when we organise future events like that.

I am sure that you would like to see more activities which foster neighbourliness and friendship happening in Wangsa Heights.  To this end we would like to invite ideas and suggestions from residents and owners.  Events need not be always about food and drinks.  Just let us know what interests you and what you would like to do together with your neighbours. It could be things like…

Cooking classes.  I believe that we have quite a number residents in WHC who are experienced gourmants who would be glad to share their knowledge with other residents.

Language classes.  I am sure that there are residents who will be willing to share their knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia, English or Chinese by giving regular classes for other residents.

There are many things I am sure we can do together but right now we need to know what YOU want.  So please tell us so we can put things in motion for you.  Send your ideas and suggestions to any of the following:-

Secretary:    Terence Kumar (terencekumar@gmail.com)

Adviser:   Patrick Teoh (mortimer53@gmail.com)

President:   Syed Alsahab (syed@hits.com.my)

We look forward to hearing from you.